Woodinville vs Gonzaga Prep

Scoring Summary W: Zoe Lavezzi 11 W: Darby Rogers (Zoe Lavezzi) 38 GP: Caylee Kerr 68 GK W: Emma Flaherty 3 saves GP: Amelia Pielli 3 saves

Gonzaga Prep vs Puyallup

Scoring Summary GP: Jennah Wanner (Caylee Kerr) 27 GP: Caylee Kerr 33 P: Ella Bach 55 GP: Jennah Wanner (Ava Felice) 63 GK GP: Amelia Pielli 4 saves P: NA 6 saves Jennah Wanner did Jennah Wanner things to lead the Bullpups to the win, getting behind the defender just shy of the half-hour mark […]

Gonzaga Prep vs Eastmont

Scoring Summary GP: Keagan Austin (Caylee Kerr) 34 GP: Jennah Wanner (Ava Felice) 72 GK GP: Amelia Pielli 5 saves – SO E: Ali Tiechner 7 saves Gonzaga Prep controlled matters right from the start and held a one-goal lead at the break from a corner kick in the 34th. The service from Caylee Kerr […]

Richland vs Puyallup

Scoring Summary R: NA 11 P: Kiera Huetten (Ella Bach) 12 P: Ella Bach (Huetten) 17 P: Kenzie Thomson (Shalai Jamison) 46 R: NA 72 GK NA