When we left off a year ago, the NWAC East was the crown of the league with Spokane winning the women’s title and Columbia Basin downing division foe Walla Walla in the other final for a sweep of the league championships. CBC nearly grabbed a sweep of their own with their division champion women’s side coming up just shy of a championship showdown against Spokane with a 1-2 semifinal loss.

After a handful of exhibitions official play got underway with the annual Starfire Friendlies in Tukwila on Tuesday.

On the women’s side things started off with a bang as the seven sides posted a fantastic 5-1-1 record and went on to finish 8-2-4 (W-D-L) over the two days… and that is without the reigning league champion Sasquatch participating. Defending division champ Columbia Basin was impressive with 4-0 and 5-0 wins with North Idaho also recording a pair of shutouts (3-0, 1-0) and Blue Mountain grabbing a pair of 3-2 victories. Meanwhile, the Spokane women continued their run of non-league contests by opening their home slate Thursday with a scoreless draw against DII Saint Martin’s.

On the men’s side reigning NWAC champion CBC was dominant with 3-1 and 3-0 wins. Fellow finalist Walla Walla went unbeaten as well with a 1-1 draw and 4-1 win.


In the NWAC’s preseason polls the East sides finished:
Women – Spokane 2, Columbia Basin 3, North Idaho 6, Walla Walla 7
Men – Columbia Basin 1, Walla Walla 2


Tuesday, August 22

Yakima Valley 3-1 Whatcom
WCC: Maria Pagnotta (Kristina Roby) 24
YVC: Arlene Mendez 30
YVC: Kahina Ait Allaoua 35
YVC: Delaney Sullivan 47

Treasure Valley 4-0 Shoreline
TVCC: Rose Msambya (Paitlyn McCandless) 15
TVCC: Mariana Lopez 29
TVCC: Mariana Lopez (Stella Simpson) 31
TVCC: Rose Msambya (Stella Simpson) 55
TVCC: SO – Katie Kaba

North Idaho 3-0 Portland
NIC: Rylee Wardle (Teresa Ledezma) 12
NIC: Rylee Wardle (Adison Stoddard) 32
NIC: Kara Michaelis (Adison Stoddard) 84
NIC: SO – Kaycee Chavez

Blue Mountain 3-2 Everett
BMCC: Brianna-Lynn Ehia (Ryane Mattox) H1
BMCC: Ryane Mattox (Seanee Still) H1
BMCC: Ella Needham (Shelbie Hall-Wright) H1
EVE: Emily Morandi 72
EVE: Emily Morandi (Gabriella Capetillo) 73

Wenatchee Valley 1-1 Pierce
WVC: Yamili Lopez 32
PIE: Maya Williams 84

Columbia Basin 4-0 Edmonds
CBC: Janelly Verduzco (Emma Haertling) 1
CBC: Janelly Verduzco 3
CBC: Ava Suarez (Janelly Verduzco) 16
CBC: Edmonds Own Goal
CBC: SO – Jayauna Keister

Walla Walla 1-4 Skagit Valley
SVC: Liz Cisneros 8
SVC: Nyomie Schwetz 19
WWCC: Abby Williams 57
SVC: Kylie Elliano (Liz Cisneros) 61
SVC: Megan Hurley (Olivia Paduano) 73

Wednesday, August 23

Blue Mountain 3-2 Southwest Oregon
SWO: Faith Taeoalii (Emily Vazquez) 5
BMCC: Emalie Wood (Brianna-Lynn Ehia) 31
BMCC: Shelbie Hall-Wright (Brianna-Lynn Ehia) 38
SWO: Cameron Dumas 56
BMCC: Ryane Mattox (Ayrion Covington) 62

Tresure Valley 0-2 Rogue
RCC: Mary Whalen 23
RCC: Sofia Rodriguez 75

North Idaho 1-0 Chemeketa
NIC: Mariel Stuart 64
NIC: SO – Kaycee Chavez

Yakima Valley 2-4 Pierce
PIE: Ashlyn Kennedy 21
PIE: Tatiana Scheidt 51
YVC: Kennedy Leach 52
PIE: Ashlyn Kennedy (Kaylee Mithun) 60
YVC: Kennedy Leach 63
PIE: Ashlyn Kennedy 77

Columbia Basin 5-0 Portland
CBC: Mya Lee 45
CBC: Meche Fernandez (Rosie Aguilera) 60
CBC: Angelina Keister 63
CBC: Madeline Dorendorf (Adelyn Suarez) 85
CBC: Sierra Larios 88
CBC: SO – Jayauna Keister & Raquel Palmeira

Walla Walla 1-1 Bellevue
BC: Kayleigh Acree 23
WWCC: Sam Callahan 35

Wenatchee Valley 1-4 Edmonds
WVC: Emma Warman 31
EC: WVC Own Goal 62
EC: Alysah Forde-Nihipali 71
EC: Alysah Forde-Nihipali 79
EC: Alyssa Kaleel 87

Thursday, August 24

Saint Martin’s (DII) 0-0 Spokane
SPO: SO – Kami Warden


Tuesday, August 22

North Idaho 2-1 Edmonds
EC: Ismail Maamdou (Seth Phillips) 42
NIC: Muhammad Diallo (Randy Lane) 79
NIC: Spencer Lords 83

Treasure Valley 0-5 South Puget Sound
SPS: Luke Degon (Jaden Balboa) 5
SPS: Luke Degon (pen) 10
SPS: Alonzo Ogaldez 11
SPS: Edwin Quintana (Luke Degon) 82
SPS: Alonzo Ogaldez (Luke Degon) 87

Columbia Basin 3-1 Rogue
CBC: Julian Reyes (pen) 2
CBC: Rogue Own Goal 27
RCC: Edgar Lopez Ramirez (Noe Cortes) 28
CBC: Alejandro Guzman (Alejandro De La Torr) 88

Walla Walla 1-1 Highline
HC: Shoo Shee (pen) 19
WWCC: Evan Dickinson 82

Wenatchee Valley 0-3 Bellevue
BC: Johan Gaytan (Ernesto Arevalo) 19
BC: Atsuki Aoyama 21
BC: Parfait Ngandu 34

Blue Mountain 0-2 Pierce
PIE: Nathan Inriguez (Manuel Lomeli) 30
PIE: Manuel Lomeli 55

Wednesday, August 23

Treasure Valley 2-2 Rogue
TVCC: Jaaziel Chavez 9
RCC: Lucas Houghton (Noe Cortes) 31
TVCC: Mathieu Siwatwa 61
RCC: Edgar Lopez Ramirez 84

North Idaho 1-3 Bellevue
NIC: Issac Fritts 23
BC: Patrick Gloria 47
BC: Ali Alzeer 77
BC: Rex Noffsinger 81

Columbia Basin 3-0 Southwest Oregon
CBC: Jefferson Vilcapoma (Jonas Olvera) 34
CBC: Diego Lopez (Gabriel Delgado) 85
CBC: Julian Reyes (Gabriel Delgado) 87
CBC: SO – Carlos Camacho

Blue Mountain 1-5 Portland
POR: Cristobal Esquivel 3
BMCC: Rolando Castillo 20
POR: Ivan Alfaro 24
POR: Cristobal Esquivel 30
POR: Ivan Alfaro 34
POR: Michael Freeman 57

Walla Walla 4-1 Chemeketa
WWCC: Evan Dickinson (David Campos) 3
WWCC: Soren Hanson 27
CHE: Ren Kimizuca 45
WWCC: Dean Figueroa 84
WWCC: Ricardo Contreras (David Campos) 90

Wenatchee Valley 6-0 Shoreline
WVC: Diego Zaldovar 5
WVC: Haruto Kondo 55
WVC: Diego Zaldovar 58
WVC: Kevin Castillo 67
WVC: Diego Zaldovar 74
WVC: Alexandre Cecon 88
WVC: SO – Osvaldo Sanchez