INW 26 Scoreboard – August 29-31

Notes of the Night

Nearing History
Boise State keeper Genevieve Crenshaw pulled within one shutout of moving into a tie for third in the career shutouts list with Liz Ruiz (17), who is a current assistant coach.

Eastern Washington doubled its all-time goals output from a match against Idaho State in 2018 by dumping 16 on the Providence Argos (NAIA). Maddie Morgan’s five were a single-game record for a player, eclipsing a trio of hat-trick performances.

Griz Roaring
Montana has tallied 14 goals in its opening five games (4-0-1) – best tally since 2000.

Ranked and Rollin
WSU, ranked 17, picked up another victory to move to 5-0-0 on the season, the first time they have done so since 2018.

Southern Romp
Eastern Oregon finished its road trip through the south in fine fashion at 2-0-1 by blanking 20th ranked Campbellsville on a fifth-minute goal and a nine-save performance.

Bulldog on a Roll
Stefano Campisi tallied again, marking the third consecutive game to open the season.


Tuesday, August 29

Pacific NW Christian 0-7 North Idaho College
NIC: Rylee Wardle 2
NIC: Teresa Ledezma 10
NIC: Rylee Wardle 15
NIC: Magali Ybarra (Faith George) 16
NIC: Macie McElhenney 39
NIC: Cora Anderson 64
NIC: Halle Felis 76
NIC: SO – Kaycee Chavez, 2 saves

Eastern Oregon 1-0 Campbellsville
EOU: Emmy Williams (Sydney Peck) 5
EOU: SO – Rylee Schei, 9 saves

Wednesday, August 30

Tacoma 0-1 Columbia Basin
CBC: Janelly Verduzco (Mya Lee) 56
CBC: SO – Jayuana Keister / Raquel Palmeira

Clackamas 0-5 Spokane
CCS: Reese Walker 12
CCS: Liz Soto 20
CCS: Gracie Reidt (Reese Walker) 31
CCS: Abbey Jay 36
CCS: Liz Soto 84
CCS: SO – Kami Warden, 1 save

Thursday, August 31

Boise State 0-0 Arizona State
BSU: SO – Genevieve Crenshaw, 2 saves

Providence 1-16 Eastern Washington
EWU: Chloe Pattison 2
EWU: Maddie Morgan (Riley Arribas, Sage Reed) 10
EWU: Kendall Moore (Grace Terrill) 14
EWU: Gillian Martin 15
EWU: Gillian Martin (Charity Freeman, Delani Walker) 18
EWU: Charity Freeman 27
EWU: Delani Walker (Katrina Kupp) 27
EWU: Morgen Messenger (Candace Carlson) 41
EWU: Maddie Morgan (Riley Arribas) 46
EWU: Maddie Morgan (pen) 48
EWU: Maddie Morgan (pen) 53
EWU: Maddie Morgan 53
UP: Ernestina Serwaa Ofori (Shea Waters) 54
EWU: Kendall Moore 55
EWU: Gillian Martin 69
EWU: Delani Walker 87
EWU: Delani Walker 90

Utah Tech 0-4 Montana (@ Gonzaga)
UM: Maddie Ditta 30
UM: Ava Samuelson 57
UM: Sydney Haustein 62
UM: Kathleen Aitchison (Ava Samuelson, Eliza Bentler) 75
UM: SO – Ashlyn Dvorak, 1 save

Nevada 1-1 Idaho
NEV: Luz Arreaga (Abigail Souza) 26
UI: Annika Farley (Alyssa Peters, Jadyn Hanks) 78

Oklahoma 0-3 Gonzaga
GU: Kate Doyle (Maddie Kemp) 7
GU: Giana Riley (Maddie Kemp) 28
GU: Marissa Garcia (Maddie Kemp) 66
GU: SO – Lauren Towne, 5 saves

San Diego State 1-2 Washington State
WSU: Bridget Rieken (Reagan Kotschau) 3
WSU: Megan Santa Cruz (Margie Detrizio, Georgia Whitehead) 5
SDSU: Denise Castro 71

Cal Poly Humboldt 1-0 Central Washington (@ Seattle)
CPH: Brooke Weese (Annie Hoffman) 34

Northwest Nazarene 1-0 Hawaii Pacific
NNU: Madison Grande (Nicole Lewis) 12
NNU: SO – Bailey Blancett, 1 save

Tacoma 3-1 Walla Walla CC
TAC: Mia Romero 40
WW: Emoree Lash (pen) 55
TAC: Hailey Paul (pen) 60
TAC: Trinity White 75


Tuesday, August 29

Everett 2-1 Wenatchee Valley
WVC: Oscar Chazalet 48
EVE: Reid Schaeffer 59
EVE: Cristiano Whitaker 83

Wednesday, August 30

Tacoma 1-3 Columbia Basin
CBC: Gabriel Delgado NA
CBC: Jonas Olvera 13
TAC: Zach Browning 16
CBC: Jonas Olvera (Jefferson Vilcapoma) 54

Thursday, August 31

Gonzaga 1-1 UC San Diego
UCSD: Inaki Iribarren (Carter Jacobus) 46
GU: Stefano Campisi 62

Eastern Oregon 0-0 Ottawa U Arizona
EOU: SO – Eric Canela, 6 saves

Tacoma 2-2 Walla Walla CC
WW: Evan Dickinson (David Campos) 2
TAC: Alex Lopez 20
TAC: Zach Browning (pen) 55
WW: Ricardo Contreras 75