INW 26 Scoreboard – September 15

Notes of the Night

Opening Day for CCC
Only two schools were able to earn a sweep Friday in the first day of league competition…

Yotes Howl
Eden Makaafi tallied her fourth and fifth goals of the season and Maddie Smith her fourth as College of Idaho made some noise on the road in their opener. The Yote men also picked up a win for a sweep on the day.

Furious First Half
The Rocky Mountain ladies rolled to a win in their opener against state foe Providence with Sana Bath, Mya Maack and Mila Allison taking part in multiple goals each. All five goals in the contest came in the first half. The Battlin Bears also posted a win on the men’s side for a sweep of the rivals.


Regis 3-0 Central Washington
REG: Kelby Kuo 51
REG: Kelby Kuo 53
REG: Natalie Bunch (Madeline Gardner) 68

:: Cascade Collegiate Conference ::

Eastern Oregon 0-0 Northwest
EOU: SO – Rylee Schei, 2 saves
NU: SO – Ella Wilson, 12 saves

College of Idaho 4-1 Evergreen State
CI: Eden Makaafi 14
CI: Maddie Smith 21
CI: Eden Makaafi 51
ESC: Peyton Rhyne 71
CI: Natasja Davis 81

Providence 1-4 Rocky Mountain
RMC: Emma Lensing (Sana Bath) 4
RMC: Mila Allison 27
UP: Tina Serwaa Ofori 30
RMC: Sana Bath (Mya Maack, Mila Allison) 32
RMC: Mya Maack (Hannah Lane) 38

Oregon Tech 2-3 Multnomah
MU: Daniela Gomez (Megan Castricum) 14
OIT: Karly White (Alexandra Trinidad) 27
MU: Sara Wong (Sydney Holmes) 34
OIT: Brianna Lewis (Mirande Valle) 74
MU: Daniela Gomez (Megan Castricum) 88

Southern Oregon 1-1 Warner Pacific
SOU: Mia Ammons (Frida Vargas) 14
WPU: Kaitlin Hirasa 50

Bushnell 1-3 Corban
CU: Kelli Huskic 13
CU: Carley Diaz (Alysia Alvarado) 15
BU: Lexis Canyete-Asato 45
CU: Alysia Alvarado (Kelli Huskic) 79


:: Cascade Collegiate Conference ::

Eastern Oregon 1-3 Northwest
EOU: Kyle Prusia 7
NU: EOU Own Goal 33
NU: Andre Santos 56
NU: Jacen Stein (Tyler Hopp) 83

College of Idaho 2-0 Evergreen State
CI: Emil Powles (pen) 35
CI: Pol Romero 87
CI: SO – Tom Baynard-Smith, 4 saves

Providence 1-2 Rocky Mountain
UP: Jose Vasquez (Geovanni Lugo) 29
RMC: Maddox Gallia (Lorenzo Klamler) 45
RMC: Igor Soares (Tor Swann) 52

Carroll 3-0 Walla Walla U
CC: Michael Mojzis (Sean Balen) 28
CC: Enrico Paparelli 43
CC: Ismael Navarro (Michael Mojzis) 71
CC: SO – Mathias Graveson, 0 saves

Southern Oregon 2-0 Warner Pacific
SOU: Alan Gaytan (Adrian Villegas) 20
SOU: Evan Norconk (Adrian Villegas) 48
SOU: SO – Casey Ruvolo, 8 saves

Oregon Tech 2-0 Multnomah
OIT: Ellis Harwood (Hunter Hoogerwerf) 14
OIT: Cooper Hunt (Ryan Pearson) 62
OIT: SO – Ryan Solis, 3 saves

Bushnell 1-1 Corban
BU: Omar Barajas (Caleb Premo) 31
CU: Nate Sherwood 54