INW 26 Scoreboard – September 29

Notes of the Night

Late Rush
The Carroll ladies kept their unbeaten record in force with a goal in the final moments of the match at Bushnell, who scored in the final 15 minutes themselves.

The Wall
The College of Idaho men are looking formidable as they have opened the season with five consecutive shutout victories, handing Southern Oregon its first loss in the latest. Tom Baynard-Smith, in goal for the 1-0 result, has four of those shutouts on his ledger.

The Wall, part 2
Similarly, the College of Idaho ladies are also off to an impressive start defensively with their third consecutive shutout victory after allowing just one goal in their opening win. Hannah McFadden has been in goal for all four, though she was not even called upon to make a save in the 1-0 result against Southern Oregon in the latest.


:: Big Sky ::

Idaho State 1-1 Northern Colorado
ISU: Jordyn Roth 54
UNC: Lexi Tuite (Lauren Woodhull) 89

Weber State 1-4 Northern Arizona

:: Cascade Collegiate Conference ::

Carroll 1-1 Bushnell
BU: Dina Hayes (Ruby Daniels) 75
CC: Emma barron (Zoie Koci) 89

Providence 1-3 Corban
UP: Dani Waialeale (Julia Tilton) 30
CU: Carley Diaz (Kelli Huskic) 48
CU: Kelli Huskic (Caterina La Manna) 50
CU: Alysia Alvarado (Carley Diaz) 56

Southern Oregon 0-1 College of Idaho
CI: Natasja Davis (Payton Mongelli) 69
CI: SO – Hannah McFadden, 0 saves

Oregon Tech 1-1 Eastern Oregon
OIT: Kiana Jacobson 30
EOU: Peyton Jacaway (Emmy Williams, Karina DeYoung) 89

Multnomah 0-2 Evergreen State
ESC: Makayla McGilvrey (Brieanna Dell) 4
ESC: Brieanna Dell (Eden Comstock) 9
ESC: SO – Amity Brookshire, 4 saves

Warner Pacific 0-1 Northwest
NU: Own Goal 74
NU: SO – Ella Wilson, 4 saves


:: Cascade Collegiate Conference ::

Carroll 3-1 Bushnell
CC: Enrico Paparelli (Michael Mojzis) 50
CC: Matt Wigton (Ismael Navarro) 55
BU: Francisco Cayolla (Omar Barajas) 59
CC: Ziad Kaddah 67

Providence 2-1 Corban
CU: Nate Sherwood (Bryan Nicolas) 6
UP: Ibrahima Barry 46
UP: Tomeu Nebot Schmalfeld 58

Southern Oregon 0-1 College of Idaho
CI: Grant Embree (Emil Powles) 78
CI: SO – Tom Baynard-Smith, 5 saves

Oregon Tech 0-0 Eastern Oregon
EOU: SO – Kevin Pullara, 3 saves
OIT: SO – Ryan Solis, 2 saves

Multnomah 0-1 Evergreen State
ESC: Kolby Juarez (Alan Barragan, Jordan Zimmerman) 31
ESC: SO – Brendan Gribek, 6 saves

Warner Pacific 0-0 Northwest
WP: SO – Josepher Juarez-Cruz, 3 saves
NU: SO – Alexander Thiehofe, 6 saves