NWAC East Update – October 4

The men’s side of the ledger featured a slate of close contests in the midweek matchups with the aggregate margin of victory coming to four goals over the three games. Spokane (3-2-2) was the lone team to win at home, needing to rally against second place Walla Walla (4-2-1) to close the gap with the result with the win. Columbia Basin, though, still rules the day at 7-0-0 following a 3-1 road win at Wenatchee Valley.

On a day featuring some lopsided affairs for the women, the top matchup of the day was the Spokane ladies hosting Walla Walla in a top three affair. The Bigfoot built themselves a two-goal lead and held on for the win to keep pace at 6-1-1 with Columbia Basin (6-0-2). North Idaho and Walla are not far back tied at 5-2-1.


Wednesday, October 4

Yakima Valley 6-1 Treasure Valley
YV: Brynn Rees (Arlene Mendez) 1
YV: Delaney Sullivan (Alysha Mendenhall) 15
YV: Delaney Sullivan (Josslyn Simmons) 33
YV: Delaney Sullivan (Naya Alexander) 54
TV: Stella Simpson (Mariana Lopez) 60
YV: Alexia Lucero 64
YV: Brynn Rees 69

Blue Mountain 1-2 North Idaho
NIC: Teresa Ledezma (Kaycee Chavez) 52
BM: Ryane Mattox (Shelbie Hall-Wright) 54
NIC: Faith George (Kara Michaels) 64

Columbia Basin 7-0 Wenatchee Valley
CBC: Violet Duran (Serenity Lopez) 11
CBC: Serenity Lopez 19
CBC: Ruby Shroll 22
CBC: Violet Duran (Rylee McKay) 25
CBC: Angelina Keister 58
CBC: Olivia Mendoza 62
CBC: Rylee McKay 70
CBC: SO – Raquel Palmeira, 1 save

Walla Walla 1-3 Spokane
CCS: Madison Carr (Reese Walker) 8
CCS: Abbey Jay 31
WW: Gracie Soto 37
CCS: Abbey Jay 73

Treasure Valley @ Walla Walla
Blue Mountain @ Columbia Basin
North Idaho @ Wenatchee Valley
Spokane @ Yakima Valley


Wednesday, October 4

Blue Mountain 1-0 North Idaho
BM: Dominic Sanchez 51
BM: SO – Anthony Lemus, 1 save

Columbia Basin 3-1 Wenatchee Valley
CBC: Carlos Camacho (Eric Martinez) 31
WV: Oscar Chazalet 41
CBC: Julian Reyes (pen) 52
CBC: Gabriel Delgado 86

Walla Walla 1-2 Spokane
WW: Ricardo Contreras 57
CCS: Luis Rodriguez 84
CCS: Nicolas Tarazona 85

Treasure Valley @ Walla Walla
Blue Mountain @ Columbia Basin
North Idaho @ Wenatchee Valley