Velocity vs Hailstorm – Tough Test Ahead

It has been a whirlwind start for the Spokane Velocity, which kicked off their debut season in USL League One March 9 and now 14 days later are already set to take the pitch for a fourth time following three completely different outings. It all kicked off in Greenville with nice start, scoring the opening […]

Velocity Opener – Facts & Figures

Though Spokane boasts a significant amount of history in the annals of USL soccer history, Saturday marks a new height for the sport in the community and there probably could not have been a better selection for an opponent than the Richmond Kickers… one of the grandest of USL history. Here’s a look at the […]

US Soccer’s Club Structure – Bonus: The NASL Situation

US Soccer’s Club Structure: Series PostsBreakdown of the Structure – Behind the Structure – Inland NW Teams in the Structure – Introduction What was the NASL Situation? Well, that is an extremely sticky, complicated mess to explain. If you wanna dive deep into a rabbit hole read on. The seeds start in 2006 with the […]

US Soccer’s Club Structure – The Local Teams

US Soccer’s Club Structure: Series PostsBehind the Structure – Breakdown of the Structure – Introduction MEN Spokane Velocity – An expansion USL League One franchise set to kick off play in 2024. Spokane Shadow – Locally, the Spokane Shadow have participated in four of the leagues in the ‘fourth tier’ and remain members of EPLWA. […]

US Soccer’s Club Structure – Behind the System

And now for the boring stuff. Why the system is what it is and why it is not so simple to match what is done around most of the world. US Soccer’s Club Structure: Series PostsBreakdown of the Structure – Inland NW Teams in the Structure – Introduction Anti-Trust Law: This is perhaps the biggest […]

US Soccer’s Club Structure – The Breakdown

First of all, there are some basic factors to understand about the structure and why teams are in certain leagues, especially in comparison to most other leagues around the world. US club soccer is a closed system due to anti-trust law and many more of these factors – for a further exploration of those factors […]

US Soccer’s Club Structure: An Introduction

How complex is the US Soccer structure to explain. Well, on one hand it is kinda simple when you just list out the tiers and leagues. But I wanted to provide more background and context. And that, well, took a bit of work, chipping away at the following over the past week or so, including […]

New HS Classifications Set for Fall Debut; Time for Further GSL Expansion?

The WIAA publicly released the classifications list recently for the next four-year span of athletic competitions across the state, starting in the fall of 2024 and running through spring of 2028. Several area schools will find themselves in new tiers for the next cycle. Among the upper 3A/4A league there were only a few changes […]

On the List – 2024 NWSL Draft

A handful of players from the INW are on the official draft list for today’s National Women’s Soccer League draft that begins at 5:00 PT on ION television. Madison Kem (Eastern Washington) – Renton, PacNWBri McReynolds (Washington State) – Glendale, CA, LA SurfBridget Rieken (Washington State) – Coeur d’Alene, CDA Sting / Boise NOVAGenevieve Sauers […]

MCC Honors for Girls 2023 Announced; Plus Lists for other INWsn Area Leagues

The Mid-Columbia Conference was as tight as you could possibly get as both Chiawana and Richland finished 15-0-1 and victories against one another. The biggest difference between the two was the whopping goal differential the Riverhawks racked up against the opposition, finishing with a goal differential 41 greater than the Bombers. With just one Player […]