Freeman vs Bear Creek

Scoring Summary BC: Tatum Jackson (Claire Pruner) 8 BC: Milly Smith 42 F: Aubrey Gregory 79 GK NA A ball slipped into the box eight minutes into the match from Claire Pruner found Tatum Jackson, who cut back middle past a defender and fired home from near the penalty spot for the go-ahead Bear Creek […]

Lakeside vs Freeman

Scoring Summary F: Rylee Russell (Lilly Nelson) 36 F: Rylee Russell (Aubrey Gregory) 57 L: Ayanna Tobeck 60 F: Aubrey Gregory (Morgan LaMotte) 73 GK F: Lilly Nelson 8 saves L: Breanna Oleson 15 saves Freeman advances to State | Lakeside moves onto Cross-over match vs CTL opponent

Deer Park vs Riverside

Scoring Summary DP: Rylee Pfeifer (Addie Russell) 47 R: Margaret St Amand 60 DP: Rylee Pfeifer (Sienna Breneman) DP: Sienna Breneman (Raigen Coolbaugh) 65 DP: Rylee Pfeifer (Sienna Breneman) 78 GK DP: Sam Fausti 6 saves R: NA 20 saves Deer Park moves onto Cross-over match vs CTL opponent

Freeman vs Deer Park

Scoring Summary DP: Sienna Breneman 20 F: Aubrey Gregory (Rylee Russell) 60 F: Morgan LaMotte (Claire Berryman) 82 GK F: Lilly Nelson 7 saves DP: Sam Fausti 15 saves

Freeman vs Deer Park

Scoring Summary DP: Rylee Pfeifer 77 GK DP: Sam Fausti 28 saves – SO F: Lilly Nelson 3 saves

Freeman vs Riverside

Scoring Summary F: Aubrey Gregory (Rylee Russell) 20 R: Layla Baker 28 R: Hayley Kasinger 38 F: Rylee Russell (Aubrey Gregory) 67 F: Rylee Russell (Rowan McGarity) 79 GK F: Lilly Nelson, 8 saves R: NA, 17 saves

Freeman vs Medical Lake

Scoring Summary F: Avery Gass 5 F: Aubrey Gregory (Morgan LaMotte) 10 F: Morgan LaMotte (Rylee Russell) 21 F: Rylee Russell (Morgan LaMotte) 23 F: Aubrey Gregory (Alena Cochran) 43 F: Rowan McGarity (Phyllis Prosser) 52 F: Rowan McGarity (Lilly Nelson) 55 F: Lilly Nelson (Rowan McGarity) 58 F: Rylee Russell (Camdyn Mercier) 62 F: […]

Freeman vs Colville

Scoring Summary F: Morgan LaMotte (Aubrey Gregory) 3 F: Aubrey Gregory (Avery Gass) 29 F: Rylee Russell (Claire Berryman) 31 F: Rylee Russell (Rowan McGarity) 38 F: Rylee Russell (Sadie Stenlund) 53 F: Aubrey Gregory (Phyllis Prosser) 72 GK F: Lilly Nelson, 1 save – SO C: Olivia Kroll, 11 saves